Detailed Scores


GPA: 3.4/4

I got good grades in these courses:

Course Grade Point
Artificial Neural Networks A 4.0
Linear Algebra(1) A 4.0
Linear Algebra(2) A 4.0
An Exploration to the Original Spirit of Western Philosophy A 4.0
Fundamentals of Programming A 4.0
Digital Logic Circuit A 4.0
Introduction to Complex Analysis A 4.0
Elementary Number Theory A 4.0
Computer Network Security Technology A 4.0
Calculus A(2) A- 3.7
Discrete Mathematics(2) A- 3.7
Digital Logic Experimentation A- 3.7
Programing and Training A- 3.7
Formal Language and Automation A- 3.7

Last updated on Feb 28, 2018

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